Phone Banking Instructions

Thank you for volunteering your time to help make phone calls for Mike Andrade. Let’s get started!

Who do I call, and is there a script to follow?

Yes. You will need to log in to our virtual phone banking website at It will provide you with a script to follow as well as who to call.

Watch Quick Video Tutorial:

• Click the blue “Get Started” button.
• Log in with your actionID; if you do not have an actionID, please create one for yourself.
• Enter the Virtual Phone Bank Code that was emailed to you.
• Click the blue “Join a Phone Bank” button

Will I need to use my personal phone?

No. You can use your computer to make phone calls using the Campaign HUB. It will show the campaign’s phone number on the voter’s caller ID.

Log in at

• Log in with your username and password
username: (emailed to you)
password: (emailed to you)
• Click the green phone icon in the top right corner
• Enter the phone number in the last field and click the call button

Will I be calling the same people other volunteers are calling?

No. You will not be calling anyone who has already been contacted.

Thank you so much for your help!